SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama: SrI vAnAchala mahAmunayE nama:

This varaguNamangai dhivya dhESam is commonly known as naththam. This is one among navathiruppathi dhivya dhESams (in pANdiya nAdu) and also part of the triplet  dhivya dhESams varaguNamangai, thiruppuLingudi, SrIvaikuNdam which were glorified by nammAzhwAr in a single pAsuram in thiruvAimozhi. Even today, we can observe that emperumAns from these three dhivya dhESams stay together in AzhwArthirunagari during vaikAsi viSAka uthsavam 5th day and in SrIvaikuNtam chithrai brahmOthsavam, while AzhwAr performs mangaLASAsanam to all three of them together.

emperumAn is in a seated posture in this dhivya dhESam facing east. mUlavar is known as vijayAsanar (one who is seated in victorious throne) and he is seated along with varaguNa mangai nAchchiyAr and varaguNa valli nAchchiyAr. uthsavar is known as em idar kadivAn (one who removes my troubles). yOga narasimhar sannidhi is also present in the temple facing west.

Historical Details

A brAhmaNa named vEdhavith performs great thapas (penance) to please SrI mahAvishNu and being pleased by his efforts, to give dharSan to him, the lord appears as vijayAsanar in this dhivya dhESam.

Subsequently, the great rishi rOmasa was staying along with his disciples in this dhivya dhESam. Once a fisherman while fishing the temple pushkariNi gets bitten by a snake and dies. His soul ascends to svarga immediately. A disciple named sathyavAn observes this and asks his guru “What puNya has he done to ascend to svarga?”. rOmasa explained “Previously, this hunter was born as the son of the king of vidharba. Initially he was righteous. But when he grew up, due to bad friendship, he became evil. After he died, he suffered in hell for long time. Subsequently, he was born as a hunter, hunted many animals and suffered for that too. Eventually, due to the previous puNyas, he was born in a fisherman family in this varaguNamangai dhivya dhESam and have now died from here. Due to losing his life in this holy abode, he attained svarga”.

Summary (From http://acharya.org/dd/v/thiru-varaguNamangkai.html)

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